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Chemo Hair Loss?

Get A Chemo Diva Halo Wig Made With Your Own Hair!

Wear Your Hair Under ANY Hat, Cap, Scarf, Beanie, Etc.

Why choose Chemo Diva?


Full wigs are hard to wear all day. They’re made with heavy foundation materials. A full wig is more like your dress up hair, like a pair of high heels. But our Halo Wig is more like your comfy sneaker hair!


Only $489. Others start at $1500.


We have a two week turn around time. Compared with two months.

Only One

Only ONE head of hair is needed. 

The Happy Chemo Diva Show!

How To Be A Chemo Diva.

When you go through chemo you become a hat person! That’s because a full wig is not easy to wear all day. Think of a full wig like a pair of high heels

On the other hand, a Chemo Diva Halo Wig is more like a pair of comfy sneakers. You can run errands, go to the doctor, the grocery, etc., all in comfort and with privacy.

How To Order

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Cut Your Hair

Instead of cutting your hair in one big pony, You’ll separate your hair into many smaller ponies all around your head.


Measure Your Head

Your Chemo Diva Wig is stretchy, but a head measurement will ensure a perfect fit.


Fill Out The Order Form

Before you send in your hair, fill out the order form. That way we’ll know to watch for your hair.


Cut Your Hair

Send your hair to us by mail, ups, fedex, etc. We recommend Priority Mail or Express Mail.